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Camille 2,000 was know as the girl for Yesterday,Today & Tomorrow.
Camille is the Cosmic Queen of Burlesque. She was a star in Burlesque for 20 years. Know for her beautiful prop work that was cheographed by famouse Burlesque Cheographer Paul Markoff. Camille's prop work was a real work of art with her signature stand on the prop. Camille also had lavish costumes, heavily beaded & rhinestone created by famous Burlesque designer, Simon Sorr, Hedy Jo Starr, just to name a few.
The first 10 years of her career Camille did traditional Burlesque, beaded gowns, fans, capes & boas. She had a tribute to Marilyn Monroe.
The last ten years of Camille's career took a more performance art style burlesque with her agressive art number of a  Tribute to Marquis de Sade in a real leather boady harness & leather mask & her Black Widow act.In he Black Widow act she kills her self on stage. Burlesque people where saying that these acts where not Burlesque. Camille was trying to hold on to the Burlesque audience with these acts. These acts opened the door to what is now Neo-Burlesque, No one was doing what Camille was doing in Burlesque. All of her acts where very powerful.
Camille had stage present like no other performers