Burlesque was a dying art form when I retired from my career after 20 years in Burlesque. We where losing our customers to Pole Dancers & Live Nude Dancing.
They didn't have to wait for you to do a show. They could see naked girls much faster.
Just like Burlesque took out Vauderville, so did the Pole Dancer to Burlesque.
Burlesque & Pole Dancing are 2 completely different things.
There is a revial now of Burlesque so I wouldn't call it a dying art today.
There is something called Neo-Burlesque that has breathe live in to Burlesque again.
The first ten years of my career in Burlesque, I wore beaded gowns, boas, capes, fans & did traditional burlesque, but my last ten years. I introduced Agressive Art to Burlesque with my Tribute to Marquis de Sade.
I was trying to keep the audience. Burlesque people said that it wasn't Burlesque that it was performance art. Burlesque is performance art.
I tribute my acts for opening the door to the new Neo-Burlesque. I was the only performer doing agressive art in Burlesque. I also had a Black Widow number. Bloody act. I kill myself on stage. Last song 6 bars of Only women bleed play as blood dripped down my body from a knive. I fall to the floor, Black Out

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    I was in Burlesque for 20 years. I also am a retired actress I am  a member of Screen Actor's Guild


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